A short fund raising product for the Regional Development Deposit. "By saving in SIMPEDA means you have donated funds for Regional Development".

Terms & Conditions

  1. Savers are individualsValid identity Photocopy (E-KTP / Passport) valid and valid
  2. Domicile licenses Photocopy for foreigners
  3. Filling out and signing the SIMPEDA Savings Account opening application form
  4. The first deposit is at least 10,000 rupiahs and the next deposit is minimum 5.000, - rupiahs
  5. Minimum balance settles 10.000, - rupiahs
  6. Monthly savings administration fee 7.500, - rupiahs plus owned the Central Java Bank Administration card.

Other benefits that can also be enjoyed by SIMPEDA savings such as interbank transfers, joint account facilities, collective accounts, business entities, agencies, agencies, organizations, and auto-debit.


  1. Interest is a daily interest based on the average balance in 1 (one) month recorded at the Bank opening
  2. Account holders get Passbook / Savings Book and BPD Card
  3. Withdrawals can be made online 24 hours
  4. Deposit Account holders are guaranteed by LPS (Escrow Deposits) as long as comply with LPS requirements
  5. The prizes are free prizes held by Central Java Bank in cooperation with the Regional Banks Association (Asbanda) with the following conditions as follows: :
    • The prize draw is 2 (two) times in 1 (one) year
    • Minimum average balance to obtain 1 (one) lottery number is 50.000, - (fifty thousand rupiah) then apply multiples
    • Lottery numbers are then drawn to determine the winners
    • The prize is given in the form of money / funds directly credited to the winner's account after deducting the income tax on the prize pursuant to the applicable provisions
    • The prize winner is announced on the notice board of the Branch / Sub-Branch Offices where the account holder opens the account


HadiahPemenangNominal HadiahTotal

Voting is held 2 (two) times in 1 (one) year.


Administration Fee Rp 7.500,-
Account Closing Rp 10.000,-
Current Account Copy Rp 2.500,-
Balance Tray Cost Rp 2.500,-
Replacement Cost Passbook Damaged / Missing Rp 10.000,-
Cost On Clearing Line TOL Cashier No Charge / Free
Cost On Clearing Line POL WithdrawNo Charge/ Free
BPD Card ownership cost / month
- BPD Card PlatinumRp 10.000,-
- BPD Card GoldRp 5.000,-
- BPD Card SilverRp 3.000,-